Why Herbal?


For decades,  herbs have been used to treat all types of health maladies. In fact, modern medicine is essentially based on herbal medicine. Most types of drugs developed today were based on medicinal herbs used in the past. And yet, most people choose synthetic drugs over herbal medicines. But is synthetic medicine more effective than herbal medicine?

Research shows that some herbs work just as efficiently as any synthetic drug. For instance, garlic’s powerful antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory compounds work just as well as any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSA-IDs! And garlic works without the usual side-effects associated with NSA-IDs. In today’s post, we are listing down reasons why herbal medicine is superior to synthetic drugs.
Safer than Most Synthetic Drugs

Because herbal medicines are made from all-natural ingredients, they are much safer than lab-made drugs. Studies show that manufactured items – including synthetic drugs – are not superior or effective than natural items, such as herbal meds. Synthetic meds are made from cocktails of chemicals that do more harm than good. These medicatione less stable than herbal drugs.

Although there are cases wherein patients developed bad reaction from a certain herbal medicine, this is often caused by contamination. As long as you take high-quality herbal meds from a reputable company, you can expect less of the usual side-effects associated with synthetic medication.

There are cases wherein doctors wrongfully prescribed herbal drugs and this can cause slight discomforts and side effects too. Our advice is to get your prescription from a trusted physician.

Better Quality

Did you know that most synthetic drugs available on the market are just replicas of herbal medication? That’s right, most drugs found in your local pharmacy are synthesized to isolate a herb’s active ingredient, eliminating other compounds found in the medicinal plant.

In nature, herbs contain a combination of medicinal properties that are arranged harmoniously. Take one away and it can destabilize the herb’s medicinal effects. Herbal medications are better in quality because their medicinal compounds stay uniform and harmonious. The natural drug remains stable because it’s designed by nature. On the other hand, store-bought drugs are like a patchwork of synthetic and natural compounds that may harm the body.

Problems of addiction

Chemical drugs most times result to drug addiction due to regular intake of those drugs. It will you down and make you feel that you can’t survive without it, which will later ruin your life at the long run. But in herbal/natural medicines you don’t have to worry about  addiction it flows with your natural body and when you stop, your foods and fruits takes it place.
Herbs are Cheaper

Here’s how the whole pharmaceutical industry work: a drug company will isolate a certain molecule from a medicinal herb and gets a patent for it. Because the innovation is exclusive to said company, the patent could be worth billions of dollars. Imagine how much money drug companies make by isolating the active ingredients of herbal plants. Herbal plants may contain various compounds that look chaotic, but there is a natural order within these compounds. And that’s something science can back up.

Compared to herbal remedies, synthetic drugs are more expensive. Not because synthetic drugs are more effective but because consumers are paying for the so-called “innovations” developed by the drug company in synthesizing the active compounds of its main ingredients. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the same benefits by using herbal remedies! Herbal medicine may be less expensive than most synthetic drugs, but this does not mean they are less effective in treating certain diseases.


Herbal medicine is way better. Herbal medicine is better because it has less chemicals and it has less side effects. Medicine these days have a lost of toxic chemicals and heavy metals in them making them less effective. Although 7,000 compounds used in modern medicine are deprived from plants. Using herbs would be much easier and healthier.

Yes, herbal medicine is always a better option. Herbalism is usually the best way to go when you are faced with a major disease or infection. However, when faced with an emergency,( cancer etc) synthetic  medicine can come in.

Herbal is the original. People took herbal stuff, and then some people learned how to isolate the thing that helped, that is what chemical medicine started as. Now though chemical medicine has a whole bunch of bad stuff, it was used to make a whole bunch of bad stuff, its responsible for so many suicides, and yeah, chemical not so good.

Less Poisonous if taken properly. Pharmaceuticals cost more, and are the third leading cause of deaths in the world. Herbal medicines have been around for thousands of years, and have saved more lives, than people give them credit for. Pharmaceuticals steal one chemical from a plant, and discard the other beneficial compounds and enzymes in the plant, because you cannot patent a plant, unless it is genetically altered. A famous Philosopher said, “Let thy food, be thy medicine”. That is herbal medicine in a nutshell.


Herbal medicines is natural. People use herbal medicines to maintain or improve their health. It is used as a dietary supplement to. It is inexpensive and people like us can make herbal medicines also. They are sold as tablets, capsules, powders, teas, extracts and fresh or dried plants.